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How long have you been maintaining ranges and inspecting bullet traps?

We have been in the firing range maintenance business for over 20+ years.

Why should we use BTS?
  • Keeping your shooters safe from lead contamination.
  • Knowledge of all types of ranges and bullet traps.
  • We are Professionals from initial contact to completion of contract.
  • Documentation of everything that was done on your range satisfying EPA regulations.
  • Price! We are price competitive and can help stretch your budget.
Do you only cover a specific region?

No, we cover the entire United States and Canada.

What types of Law Enforcement do you work with??
We work with Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies as well as Military Bases
Do you work on indoor gun ranges?
Yes. If it has a bullet trap, we will work on it
Do you work on outside gun ranges?
Yes. Any range that has a bullet trap. If your range requires excavation, we can help with that as well
Do you do any HVAC work?
Only to the extent that we deal with your air filters. Primaries, secondaries and HEPAs.
These are hazardous waste and need to be handled and disposed of properly and documented by our professionals
lead cleanup
range reclamation
range maintenance