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Best Technology Systems Services

Inspection & Repairs

Best Technology systems has over 25 years of experience in bullet trap inspections and repairs nationwide. Whether you have a metal or rubber bullet trap we can replace damaged equipment or have parts re-engineered for older bullet traps.

Once on site, our technicians can diagnose what repairs you may need now and go beyond your current problem and see if there are additional issues you will need to address at some point in the future. Putting off repairs can make the problems worse and usually there is a simple but necessary solution at hand.

Our relationships with the various manufacturers of ranges and bullet traps across the country allow us to get the parts you will need faster and more cost efficiently than other firms. We have been in this business a long time and our knowledge and insights as well as the relationships we have developed will allow us to assist you in almost any repair or upgrade.

Our inspections are detailed because we have developed them over time and they are specific to the different types and models of bullet traps. We can often diagnose current problems remotely if your range master is willing to get a good picture of the problem area and some measurements. Once on site we can repair the damage and complete the in person inspection. Sometimes this will require an initial visit, but not always.

Parts for older bullet traps can be challenging. If the manufacturer is no longer making parts for a specific model of bullet trap and is no longer able to fabricate them, BTS has partners who are able to re-engineer unavailable parts. Again, there are few problems we have not seen before and if there is a solution available, we can generally find it.

Technical Discussion
As a bonded, licensed and insured MBE contractor, Best Technology System will inspect, maintain and repair bullet traps for almost any manufacturer at any facility throughout the U.S.

All BTS supervisors and workers are lead certified and trained per OSHA standard 1910.1025 to work with lead in shooting ranges.

Best Technology Systems is licensed and certified to perform complete inspection, repair and rebuild work on all InVeris Training Solutions (formerly Meggitt Training Systems) bullet traps.

During our pre-job commencement paperwork, we will select the bullet trap inspection forms that are specific to your facility’s bullet trap. BTS has been working on bullet traps for over 25 years, and during that time, our enduring relationships with bullet trap manufacturers have led to the development of our customized, precise inspection forms.

Once we are onsite for a bullet trap and range inspection, we will:

  • Visually inspect bullet trap components for excessive wear or damage
  • Compare the bullet trap to manufacturers specifications and inform you of any visible defects
  • Visually inspect the range ceiling baffles
  • Visually inspect the targetry system
  • Test the range’s negative pressure

After completing your bullet trap and range inspection, our technician will walk you through what was found and identify if any parts need to be repaired or replaced. Again, BTS has relationships with and technical knowledge of most manufactured bullet traps.

In addition to keeping your bullet trap ballistically compliant, our inspection work and report will ensure your bullet trap is safe and ready for training so you can minimize or eliminate downtime.

Bullet Trap and Range Equipment Repair
After our bullet trap and range inspection, if any repairs are needed, BTS will provide a quote to repair the bullet trap or range equipment for the owner. BTS uses only original bullet trap manufacturer parts for all repairs or replacement parts.

If the quote is accepted, BTS will order the parts and repair the bullet trap or range equipment needing repair or replacement work.

BTS will ensure your bullet trap is ballistically safe for training and shooting. We will also help you limit operational challenges by catching problems early to reduce repair costs and downtime. Being proactive is important because acquiring parts can take 60–120 days.

BTS can perform different levels of range cleaning along with any repair work as well. We will customize your range visit to fit your needs.

At the end of our service contract, we will provide your facility with a Final Documentation Package. This is a comprehensive package of information concerning whom from our staff was on site, what work was done, the results of our inspection, all air sampling results as well as hazardous waste manifests. This package is all you may need for any OSHA and Compliance audit.

This is your assurance that when we leave site, your bullet trap is safe and ready for training!

Ask us questions if you need assistance with your protocols. Whether you have been a range master for years or are new to the technicalities of firing range maintenance, we would be happy to discuss your range and possibly make some suggestions.

best technology systems inspection and repair

Protecting Your Investment

Supply and Change Shooting Ranges Ventilation Filters

Best Technology Systems will be able to supply and install new range ventilation filters for you. This is important because your range air filters are hazardous and must be treated properly. Not only will changing the filters involve special PPE for the person changing the filters, but the filters themselves are considered hazardous waste and must be properly packaged and disposed of in an EPA designated landfill.

Modern indoor shooting range facilities generally have either a 2 or 3 stage air handling system. This usually involves different types of filters as well as different capacities and price ranges for each set of filters. Each type of filter may be changed at different intervals as well. This system is designed to keep fresh air moving downrange and away from the shooters breathing zone. The air moves from the firing line towards the bullet trap and through the filter bank and safely exhausted into the environment lead free.

best technology systems ventilation filters
Changing filters on a regular basis is critical to the proper operation of the system as well as the safety of your shooters and personnel. Proper changing of the air filters involves wearing personal protective equipment including a respirator. The simple act of opening the filter cabinet door can expose the worker to unsafe levels of lead dust and therefore he or she must wear the appropriate PPE. Once the filters have been in service and it is time to change them, they must be considered Hazardous waste because of the lead they now contain. Disposal of your filters by any method that does not recognize them and hazardous waste is illegal and can involve significant fines.

BTS can help you with all of your Air Filter procurement, changing and proper disposal needs. Specific filter types, sizes and capacities are all critical to the proper working of your air handling system. We can do this on an as needed basis or with our regular maintenance visits. We are competitive in all aspect of our services and will be happy to give you pricing on all of your range filter requirements.

Technical Discussion

We can replace any and all types of filters according to what your shooting range requires. BTS has agreements with filter suppliers throughout the US and can provide competitive pricing for standard or custom air filters. The filters can be supplied by either your facility or Best Technology Systems.

The importance of properly changing filters is to maintain adequate airflow and negative pressure in the range. This protects the shooters from the lead exposure and the facility from contaminating adjacent rooms outside the range.

Services Include:

  • Set up wash station and regulate the work area.
  • Wear respirators and PPE
  • Change filters
  • HEPA vacuum support tracks
  • Package filters as hazardous waste
If you plan on changing your own filters

If you choose to change your own filters, please be aware that you will need to wear the proper respirator, PPE and do air monitoring.  BTS can save you money by packaging and disposing of your filters once you have changed them.  We can help reduce your waste costs with proper volume reducing techniques.


Shooting Ranges Filtration: Pre-Filters

These filters are the first stage of your ventilation system.  These filters are the least complex and need to be changed most frequently.  The purpose of the prefilters are to help protect the more expensive secondary and HEPA filters. These filters are generally 24” x 24” x 12” and have a MERV rating of 8.


Shooting Ranges Filtration: Rollomatic Pre-Filters Service

Rollomatic filters as the name suggests, are filters on a roll which are drawn across the exhaust and are essentially pre-filters that are self-changing until the entire roll has been used.

Shooting Ranges Filtration: Intermediate Filters

Secondary or Intermediate filters are the middle filters in your filter bank.  These filters are generally 24”x 24”x 12” and are rated at 95%.

Shooting Ranges Filtration: HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are the most efficient and most expensive of your range ventilation filters and are generally 24” x 24” x 12”

Shooting Ranges Filtration: Dust Contamination Unit (DCU) Filters

DCU filters are specialized filters that generally work directly at your bullet trap to capture lead produced at the bullet trap itself and are used in addition to your range air handling system. These filters are non-standard any usually cylindrical in shape. 

Safe, Reliable & Cost Effective

Lead Reclamation

Beyond the safety of the personnel and shooters, firing range bullet traps can accumulate large quantities of lead over time. From a weight standpoint, an overloaded bullet trap can damage the deceleration chambers, impact plates and support structure. When this happens, repairing the bullet trap and bringing it back to within the manufacturer’s specifications can then be become an unavoidable and costly expense.

Secondly, if the bullet trap becomes overloaded, it may create a ricochet or a bounce back that could injure a shooter and cause an unwanted lawsuit.

The solution is a lead removal plan and maintenance schedule provided by a certified professional who can also supply the documentation verifying your proactive compliance. When you work with BTS we can customize our services to meet your needs.

BTS will also provide a free bullet trap and range inspection with each bullet trap mining. This is a detailed inspection that will help keep you in compliance as well as heading off any potential bullet trap failures. All BTS firing range lead removal services are 100% guaranteed. Our professional office and field staff will get the job done for your facility with limited downtime. All of our work will satisfy or exceed all state and Federal regulations.

Technical Discussion
Best Technology Systems is a bonded, licensed and insured MBE contractor that specializes in the removal of spent projectiles from all gun range bullet traps.

Our process for rubber bullet trap is to remove the rubber media from the bullet trap, mechanically separate the lead from the rubber and return the rubber onto the bed plate of the trap. We then level the bullet trap to manufacturer’s specifications.

Our process for metal bullet traps is to remove all projectiles from their respective containers such as trays, buckets or drums and checking the bullet trap for defects while we accomplish this task.

We will then transport lead in sealed containers from your facility and ensure that it is properly recycled with the proper documentation. All of our work not only satisfies EPA, OSHA and Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) standards as well as state and federal law it may exceed it.

Bullet Trap Discussion

Firing ranges typically come in two basic varieties, either they are a rubber berm bullet trap or they are a metal bullet trap. Both serve the same purpose but accomplish it differently.

The rubber berm slows the bullet down within about 12-18” of penetration and the bullets collect primarily in the target zones. If you shoot enough rounds into the target zone of a rubber bullet trap, you can begin to get a build up of lead in the target zones and this can cause a round to “bounce back” into the range.  BTS has been remediating rubber and metal bullet traps for over 25 years and is ready to help you with your project.

A metal bullet trap slows down the projectile by allowing them to ride up (or down) impact plates at an angle and funnels them into a deceleration chamber that allows them to slow down and drop into trays, buckets or drums. Metal bullet traps need to have the projectiles removed periodically and is dependent on shooting volume. After continuous use, the throat of the bullet trap can clog the deceleration chamber and cause bounce back. A bullet trap inspection can reveal this and other problems. BTS can remove the lead build up and bring the bullet trap into manufacturer’s specifications.

best technology systems lead reclamation at a gun range

Experienced Industry Experts

Gun Range Cleaning

Lead and heavy metal contaminant removal is vital

Firing ranges produce hazards that require a professional level of skill and attention.  Proper range maintenance requires that whomever is performing this task wear suits and proper respirators and conduct air sampling.  Ranges should have professional cleaning at least one time per year and heavier use ranges more frequently. Your goal is to avoid visible lead dust on the horizonal and vertical surfaces of the range both high and low.

Any maintenance performed at your range requires you to abide by OSHA 1910.1025 which is the controlling regulation for “lead in the industry”.  This regulation includes air sampling, biological monitoring, personal protective equipment (PPE), a respiratory program and an operations manual.

BTS has been cleaning ranges for over 25 years and is compliant with all these regulations.  Please give us a call or request a quote and we will get started on a free quote.

On time, efficient and knowledgeable

BTS has over 25 years of experience in professional firing range lead removal and range cleaning that will benefit your range and help keep your personnel safe. You will receive a written report on everything that was done at your range and by whom. This includes air sampling, a bullet trap inspection report, hazardous waste documentation, exactly what was done by our personnel at your range and any recommendations for future visits.

Technical Discussion

Proper cleaning of a firing range involves HEPA vacuuming and wet wiping target tracks, baffles, range floors, ready areas, control rooms as well as any gun cleaning areas. Surfaces high and low, both horizontal and vertical should be addressed.
Some clients need their range to pass specified wipe sample levels. This is much more technical and time consuming. BTS performs these tasks routinely and can help you if this type of service is required. We can get your surfaces down to 200 micrograms per square foot and floors down to 10 micrograms per square foot.

Best Technology sysmtes gun range cleaning tracks